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We perform many services, and our quality is top notch. We have trained and dedicated personnel for each job we do. Whatever the service, you can rest assured that the employee performing that service has been well trained and very capable of delivering the level of perfection you deserve. All of the services listed are for Commercial as well as Residential properties.




Mulch installations

Aeration of old mulch Cover amount of 1-3 inches standard

Best quality Materials

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Double Shredded Bark Mulch

Color Enhanced Mulch


Tree and Shrub Pruning

Early Spring Pruning

Summer Pruning

Fall pruning

Dormant Winter Pruning


Landscape Construction:

JC Lawncare has the staffing and equipment to provide the following services.


Lawn and Sod Installations

Full Landscape Design and Installations

Retaining Walls and Patios

Pond Construction and Water Features


JC Lawncare provides lawn mowing services for Residential Homes, Commercial Properties, and Homeowner Associations. JC Lawncare will coordinate our professional lawn mowing service around custom fertilization programs to get the most out of your lawn. The professionalism, experience , and attention to detail from our staffing allows JC Lawncare to meet and easily exceed your expectation level.


-Weekly Lawn Mowing

- Edging along cement areas (sidewalks, curbs, patios, driveway)

- Collecting clippings or mulch clippings

- Small lawn areas mowed with push mowers to prevent ruts and damage

- Custom Lawn Fertilization, Weed Control, Insect and Disease Programs

- Lawn Aeration and Slit-Seeding

Landscape Maintenance

Lawn Fertilization

Four or five Application Program

Slow release granular fertilizer

pre-emergent for crabgrass control

post emergent weed control

Insect and disease preventions

Tree and shrub fertilization

Fall fertilization

Snow Plowing

JC Lawncare is staffed properly to handle snowplowing for residential driveways to large corporate and retail areas. We use our own staffing vs subcontractors to for quick response times, quality of the service.

Additional Services

Lot clearing

dirt and debris

Grating and leveling

Seasonal Displays for businesses

Lawn Installations

Lot Clearing

Irrigation Systems

Retaining Walls


Tree and Shrub Installs


Service Area

JC Lawncare service are includes the city's below but will extend its area in certain circumstances.




Middleburg Heights


North Royalton

Hinckley Medina

Columbia Station

Valley City



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