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" Husbandry dust was Qingxuan Wen eyes that see a little creepy, hollow laugh loudly, and soon he looks suddenly a move, because he felt a full intention to kill the eyes, being shot from Wang Zhong them in that direction come, immediately sight of a turn, and then saw a familiar figure. Wen Qingxuan rise slightly, like a slender white neck, like a swan-like grace, her graceful smile, he said:"Do not bother, this is their thing, and I think, who the famous Hope Road blood curse, one should not have even this can not solve problems, we do look like. cheap football jerseys from china Dust, animal husbandry, to see such a parade in front of, but also slightly wrinkled brow, did not think he'd be so soon Qin they found. " How very reluctant ah?" Qingxuan Wen the side smiling and said:"Do you know who Angela Wu brother is not it?" "Her big brother" dust, animal husbandry, hesitated and immediately spit out some surprising a name:"Wu Ling?" For Wu Ling, animal husbandry and dust can not unfamiliar, among its spiritual way he played against, so he knows very well the spirit of the powerful military, to some extent, is a not inferior Wu Ling Ji Hyun difficult people, this opponent, dust, animal husbandry and even do not want to provoke too much, so among the Hope Road, although there are dust, animal husbandry, and he had a fight, but compared with Ji Hyun is undoubtedly minor, each other Room is not too have too much resentment. cheap nfl jerseys china Lasted a full five days, still not arrived direction God wooden monument of the guidelines. Animal husbandry and dust turned a little toe, is close to the shadows again stature grazing, Luo Wen Qingxuan glass and seeing, but also quickly to keep up.

" Cuttlefish waved palm, cold voice shouted." That the days are called blood handsome youth laughed, he Xiupao wave, that is, with a number of shadow swept to their feet, as if with blood in the undulator, the faint smell of blood Road to spread out so that was people the spiritual power of the body are some signs crest. He did not speak, then, a sharp knife light is split over, he hastened to resist waving the gun, he looked up and saw Wu Yingying is that flame-like eyes. "Ha ha, you will be evicted immediately! You remember me, the matter can still not finished, the next time, I want you to blood for blood." The distant mountains, the pair of cute twin girls suddenly Yanzui smiles tenderly up.

Uh Dust, animal husbandry, and touched the face, smile:" I have a silly it" "Let me kill you. Under that numerous road gaze, two batches of streamer Jishe come, finally slowed down light, light weakened between two batches of troops, it is clearly revealed. Animal husbandry and dust snappily glared at him, and said:"Do not provoke me, or even if you spent the spiritual power is difficult, I also can play your ass. cheap nfl jerseys china nike This surprisingly looked good show, this North Cang hospital team spirit is not unusual stuff, but again, in front of the two men, not in general, but have a lot of strong teams recently planted in their hands.

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